Cheap RX is a network of drugstores that supply cheap and effective drugs online. One will be able to access the network through a number of websites through which its operations are conducted some of which are:


The network may confuse some customers due to the inability to discern the difference between the websites making some of them fear that this could be a scam. The websites are just a marketing strategy for Cheap RX network so that more traffic can be generated. Once each of them picks the orders sent in by the customers, they will be forwarded to the main website where the processing and the shipping will be done.

Cheap Pills network respects the privacy of their customers and this is the main reason why their connections are secure. A third party will not be able to access any information that customers have entrusted to them. They also have a policy of shipping all medications in discreet packs so that a third party will never know what is contained inside the packs without opening it. When the charges are deducted from the credit card, it will not be indicated what products were purchased to ensure that the customer’s privacy is maintained.

All the websites that are linked to Cheap RX are user-friendly to make is easy to place an order fast even for those who have little digital knowledge or those who do not have all the time to navigate through a complex process. A prescription will not be required to place an order which will make the process even simpler.

Cheap RX Reviews

The reviews regarding the services offered by Cheap RX have remained positive since the establishment of the network. Dorothy talks of the excellence of the services offered at the network and how efficient the customer service team is when it comes to handling her queries. She also says that the prices are good and the quality of drugs sold equals the value for her money. For Samuel, he is glad that the shipping of the drugs was speedy and he was kept in the know regarding the shipping progress. He has been buying his medications from the network for years and can testify of the honesty of Cheap RX network.

Sarah recognizes her wonderful experience with the network and says that such services are not easy to come by. She passes her appreciation to Cheap RX network and to the manufacturers who made the effective medications. Peter and Barbara acknowledge how fast the network is able to ship the drugs with Barbara going further to say that the delivery surpasses what the network had promised.

Cheap RX Customer Reviews

Based on the reviews above, the efficiency in the delivery of the medications stands out as well as the low price at which the drugs are sold. You will also notice that most of the customers are happy with the ways the customer service team treats its customers and this is what keeps them coming back to buy more drugs.

Cheap RX Online

Cheap RX recognizes that the customers who purchase medications from them do not come from the same locality. This is why the network has translated their website into different languages including English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, and Espanol. A customer wishing to buy drugs will simply change the language displayed to suit the language that he will understand best. The prices have also been converted into sixteen different currencies to make sure that every customer will not struggle to know how much the drugs cost.

Cheap RX Sites Medication Catalog

The network has spread its wings into diverse websites so that they will be able to receive more orders. Some of these websites are,, and and when you log into any of them, you will notice the similarity in their homepage, the products stocked, and their prices as well. You can choose to buy your medications from any of them and still be assured of receiving the best medications. This is because the orders are dispensed through the main website after collection by the other affiliate websites.

At Cheap RX, you can buy either brand medications or generics since they are all in stock and still be assured of great relief from your sickness. This is because the drugs have been approved by FDA after passing through all the necessary tests. Buying generic medications will be a great way to reduce the cost of medications as they cost very little compared to the price of brand medications.

Cheap RX Coupon Codes

Cheap RX will offer a 10% discount to every customer who makes his purchases at the network and if the value of the order is above $200, the shipping will not be charged.

There is also a bonus of free pills that is offered with every order where customers can choose from the three main erectile dysfunction brands namely Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

If you go back to the price list of the drugs in the shopping cart, you will notice that the prices are not the same for all packages. With the larger packs, the prices are much lower and customers should, therefore, consider buying in large quantities to save more.

Cheap RX Shopping Cart with Discounts

Cheap RX Phone Numbers

The following phone numbers can be used any time a customer wants to talk to a representative of Cheap RX network:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Cheap RX Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap RX does not send spam messages or make distractive calls to their customers. You will only hear from the network when it is really necessary.


Cheap RX is a customer-friendly network that makes every effort to ensure that every person in search of cheap and affordable drugs online will be able to access them without the restriction of a prescription. The network has gained a lot of loyal customers throughout the years that they have been in operation and there are no customers who have been dissatisfied by any of the drugs sold at this network and this is why we rate this network 5 out of 5.