The days of street corner drug stores and soda fountains, unfortunately, ended long ago. They were eventually taken over by larger pharmaceutical corporations that spread their chains across the United States and abroad. Today there is an even bigger change sweeping the world of medical suppliers, and this is called the online pharmacy. No longer will you even need to drive your car down to the store to get the medical supplies you need. Today all you need is access to the worldwide web to make the purchase you want!

Once you’ve found a reputable online drug store, you’ll find that it’s significantly easier to manage than driving downtown. There are three basic reasons as to why online pharmacies are becoming so popular. First, they’re faster. Second, they’re easy, and third, they’re often cheaper than physical store locations. Why are they faster? Think about how much time it takes you to get in your car and drive down to the local drug store. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to longer, depending on where you live. However, anybody with internet access can access a store anytime, anyplace. In an online pharmacy no prescription is needed to buy basic drugs like pain killers and cough syrup. An online pharmacy without a prescription requirement is certainly a perk. However, if you do need prescribed medications, you can order those online as well.

The second reason, ease, is the most accurate of all. First of all, price comparison is a cinch. All you have to do is pull up several different sites and compare their prices. It’s much easier than sorting through ads or driving from store to store to see who’s selling a certain product cheaper. Second, paying online is faster than waiting in line, and you can have your purchase delivered to your house within the next day.

The third reason is better pricing. Competition is what drives stores to continually lower their prices. Their rivals may be a few miles – or a few blocks – away, and they may place flyers around town and ads in the local newspaper to advertize lower prices. Conversely, online pharmacies are only one server away from the other – just a single click – thus driving them to have even better prices because the online environment is so much more turbulent than physical locations. Prices are basically at a steady 20 percent less discount than their physical counterparts. In this respect, a cheap online pharmacy is nearly a constant discount online pharmacy.

In order to find a good online drug store for you to shop at, try reading online pharmacy reviews. These are written mainly by consumers, but there are lots of professional reviews as well. It should help you choose a place to shop based on quality and speed.

The FDA was originally interested in creating online pharmacies so it could provide customers with a faster and more private medical shopping experience. Although an online pharmacy no prescription needed, they also prescribe medication from doctors. Online pharmacies must employ a licensed medical practitioner to oversee their activities, as well as to give medical guidance and advice to customers. They must also abide under the legal and ethical rules of a pharmaceutical board.

Online pharmacies are especially convenient for the elderly who are home-bound and disabled persons who find it difficult to leave their houses. All they need is access to the internet to place an order and have it shipped directly to their house. This eases the burden on family members or caregivers, and places a level of independence on the disabled.

Placing an order online and paying for it is easy and fast. When you are done selecting items to fill your virtual shopping cart, simply find and click on the “check out” link. You will then be guided through a series of steps which will help you pay. If you can, try to pay with your credit card. Credit card charges are traced back to your billing account, which helps you receive a refund or exchange if the items you ordered fail to arrive, arrive damaged or get lost in the mail.

There have been numerous reports of people who have been duped online using illegitimate pharmacies to purchase their medical supplies from. Because of the lack of personal interaction and massive number of online stores, it’s much more difficult to tell if a store is a scam. However, you should be able to check on your own by following these easy steps. First, make sure they have a working phone number. Second, check and see if their email address is real. They should also be licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to operate, as well as licensed by the state in which they reside. If they don’t possess any of these characteristics, try another site.