Many customers consider online pharmacies to be the most convenient method of buying medicines rather than walking to a drugstore. Online pharmacies provide drugs at lower cost as they have to pay less fixed prices. Since the pills are produced in outside countries like India or Canada, the costs are less expensive than US drugstore prices. Drugs in United States are very expensive.

These days, we are getting to see various online pharmacy frauds.

Many customers have been scammed by these online pharmacies. Some companies send fake medicines while others do not deliver at all.  So In the place of saving money, cheated customers end up losing more money.

Reliable pharmacy sites ask their customers to pay only through credit cards as credit card transactions can be traced easily. Unreliable sites ask to pay through money deliveries or pay pal methods, which cannot be traced. Credit Cards, however, are more convenient than any other mode of payment.

Online Pharmacy merchants face a hard position to find a credit card processor to look after their online transactions. If they deal with any wrong international bank or credit card processor, they will see themselves out of the business very soon. So, this is a very serious issue, which requires much attention and research.

Today there are many high risks merchant banks that provide merchant accounts for online pharmacy credit card processing. So by establishing a merchant account, online pharmacies can run their business smoothly. Online Pharmacy companies can get a credit card processing account if they prove that they are running the business as per law. If API is found on their shopping cart, then it could be very east to get credit card processing account. But it could be very difficult for the business that deals with sales through phone, because more telemarketing transactions are required. Even good company plans and well organized set will be very helpful to get the merchant account fastly.

You can ask the company which bank handles their credit card processing, so that you can double check with the bank and see to it that money goes to the right place. So that if some thing goes wrong you can get back the money with the bank’s cooperation.

So, one should be very careful while making payment for drugs purchased through online pharmacy, so that our money will safe.