Many pharmacy stores have already claimed to be the best on the web but none of them even makes it close to Online Rx. It is a network of online pharmacies that work together to reach many people who are in need of affordable medications. Due to the high costs of medicines today, many patients are looking for sources other than the local pharmacies who are always pushing for the sale of expensive drugs. And fortunately for us, Online Rx is on the task of being a reliable alternative that provides cheap meds which are also of remarkable quality.

Online Rx has been in the industry for almost 2 decades already, constantly delivering effective medication to its clients all over the world. Its length of operation is unmatched by most sources on the web and it’s just a testament to its unceasing dependability as a pharmacy network. It still continues to be the answer that the patients need for their medication needs, quickly processing the orders and dispatching them quickly for the people that urgently need them. It only partners with the best couriers and delivery services worldwide to make sure that the orders arrive at their destinations just in time or even quicker than what’s expected if possible.

Online Rx Reviews

Online Rx Customer Reviews

Comparing his experience of buying his meds from Online Rx to purchasing them at local drugstores, a client named Charles from Germany knows he made the right choice. He had much savings by purchasing his drugs here which leaves him with extra money to spend for his other needs. Charles also adds that he received some freebies as well with his orders which is just amazing. Cheap prices for meds plus the freebies that come with them is just a very nice treat for the customers.

Jessica from Austria is obviously a customer who is also looking for other places to buy her meds from due to the costly drug prices at the local pharmacies. She managed to find Online Rx and saw that the prices are good especially for the pills that she wanted to buy. Jessica’s review was only brief but we could say that she proceeded in buying those pills, saving a large part of her money.

What David from Germany is thankful about is the fact that he received his orders just in time without any delays or any holdups. It arrived within his expected timeframe, right on time that he needs them. There are two options to choose from in having his orders delivered and the one he might have chosen is the express mail service which guarantees that his orders will arrive within 5 to 8 days. David is also happy because the pills that he has ordered worked excellently and by the way he thanks Online Rx we can say that what he ordered are pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Online Rx Online

It’s completely normal to encounter other pharmacy website domains that have the appearance of Online Rx since these are its network sites. Online Rx uses this technique to be able to reach more customers that need affordable meds since using many sites would reach more people than just using a single one.

Online Rx Network Website

There are absolutely no issues at all with ordering from these sites since the products that they have and the prices are the same to what Online Rx originally has.

Online Rx Network Domains

The orders and everything else will still be processed on the main server and not on the individual site which makes the transactions that the buyers make secure.

Online Rx Coupon Codes

Cheap medicine prices are not the only perks that the customers will benefit from since they are also entitled to the bonuses offered by Online Rx to all of its clients. All buyers are also eligible to receive free bonus pills from Online Rx each time they order.

Online Rx Free Bonus and Free Shipping

They can even select which bonus pills they would like to be added to their purchases and they can also opt out of it if they don’t want any. For the shipping of their orders, customers can also take advantage of the free shipping options offered by Online Rx. Orders above $200 USD in amount are entitled to have their orders shipped for free via standard airmail and those who have purchases which are above $300 USD in total can have their meds shipped via express mail service free of charge. These large orders also get an additional 10% discount, extra savings added to the customer’s pockets.

Online Rx Phone Numbers

Customer support is one of the areas where Online Rx excels and it has two customer hotlines which are always ready to provide assistance to the clients who will be calling. The first one is +1 718 487 9792 which is a toll-free hotline exclusive only for North American customers to call. The second one is +4420 3239 7092 which is also an exclusive hotline but for international clients only. Customers who have no means of reaching its hotlines can contact its customer service department through email by going to its Contact Us page and filling out the forms. Since Online Rx has no live chat, email is the only means where customers with no phones will be able to communicate with them.

Online Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Online Rx is a company that respects its customers’ privacy that’s why they would not contact their clients by phone or email voluntarily. They only do this by request when the customers wish to be contacted to receive updates regarding the status of their order’s shipment. The email that they send to their customers are also limited to the email confirmation of their payment and the dispatch of their orders.


Buyers who are tired of the expensive medicine prices at local pharmacies can go to Online Rx as their alternative source as they sell meds of the same excellent quality but at prices which are low for everyone to afford. It has great customer reviews and its length of service is a testament to its dependability as an online pharmacy, making it deserving of a 5-star rating. For other pharmacy networks similar to it, check our top recommended providers.